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Works great
December 26, 2013
“Does exactly what it says it does.” — lilmikeinfiniti
This app is great
December 6, 2013
“I scanned 80 DVDs today. Batch processing works great. 3,920 DVDs to go.” — Alan Dombrow
November 26, 2013
“Great app. Very useful.” — Pedro Blasco
Beyond expectations
November 18, 2013
“This is a fantastic app. It does all that it claims (at least to the extent of features I have uses) and does it better than I expected. Scanning is fast and accurate, and very robust. Has picked up when barcode was only showing less than 1/16 of an inch, read through sticker residue over barcode; old, new, glossy, dull, faded it has read them all. Using it with Bookpedia and it is working flawlessly.” — Captian Harbatkin
CLZ Barry - barcode scanner
October 25, 2013
“This is an awesome app. I just love using it.” — poobear909
CLZ Barry
October 23, 2013
“I've been collecting and reading comic books for close to two years. As a child I always loved to read them as well. I love the escape and fantasy that they provide for the reader.
Some of my favorites are Old Man Logan Kingdom Come Justice Killing Joke Res Hulk just to name a few.
So now that I have over 500 comics I need to stay organized. I went on the internet and found only a few programs to help the collector categorize there collection. So after doing some due diligence I have found this amazing iPhone scanning program called CLZ Barry.
I have been super happy with it and would highly recommend them to anyone who enjoys to read discuss collect the document there comics and trade publications. ” — Jondrausch
Muy buena
September 27, 2013
“Es muy buena me gusta pero calienta mucho mi iphone hojala areglen eso pero es muy efectiva al escanear.” — Hard king
Amazing app.
September 15, 2013
“I really like this app. It makes entering comic books easy.” — Fanofhammers
CLZ Barry
September 9, 2013
“Well worth the price does exactly what u want - fast-accurate very good.” — Des54man
Great ap
September 1, 2013
“Makes scanning my books much easier best scanner I've had.” — Ann Cullen
August 30, 2013
“Great app, works great with other Collectorz software.” — YannickF87
Very Good App! A*
August 9, 2013
“Easy and simple to use. It actually does what it says on the tin. Thumbs up guys! Thank you!” — Philbelli
August 5, 2013
“The clz iphone apps now have their own scanners, but if you want to scan directly into the desktop app, this app is awesome. Does exactly what it is made to do. A couple issues when scanning in bad light, but other than that it works great.” — Timultuoustimes
Simple et efficace
July 17, 2013
“Un parfait compagnon pour les app de Collectorz. Permet l'├ęconomie d'un lecteur de code barre.” — pver1
Great product
June 26, 2013
“Thanks for a great product, and very good customer support. I know this is the first time I have contacted you, but you have been a big help!
I use the Scanner to help me inventory our Cell phones and it makes my life so much easier - I don't have to remember a 16 digit Alpha-Numeric code for each phone when I enter it into a database!” — Dan Ratje
June 25, 2013
“Easy to use and efficient. Excellent program.” — Great program
Amazing app works like a wireless bar code scanner
June 23, 2013
“Tried this app with our database software that has a scanning utility. Was looking for a way that I did not have to buy a whole bunch of $800 scanners since all of our techs have iPhones. This app allows us to do inventory counts and batch load them later or scan them real time into our database.” — Uncle Duncan
Great app!
June 12, 2013
“This app works PRECISELY as advertised and is a breeze to use.” — sextback
Excellent app
May 27, 2013
“Excellent app, amazing supportafter initially having problems with the HTC One, i contacted support, who bought an HTC One to figure out why the app wasn't focussing, and fixed it! IN LESS THAN A WEEK!! amazing work guys, bought Movie Collector Pro and am super happy!” — Adrian Wyer
Update for galaxy S4 fixed!
May 27, 2013
“Excellent app I have been using it for years. Recommended for movie collectors like me. Auto focus to scan barcodes finally fix on galaxy S4 Thanks guys. New UI looks nice and slick look I like it. Great companion for movie collectors app.” — José Marte
Book collector
May 26, 2013
“Super goede app! Zeer volledige database en vooral uitermate gebruiksvriendelijk.” — Marc Hofman
So easy
May 20, 2013
“I love this app, I bought it to catalog my comics with CollectorZ and the 2 works perfectly well together, easy to use.
No need to buy a scanner, I use my IPhone.” — Goldorak64
Geweldig voor demonstraties
May 16, 2013
“Zeer mooie app om demonstraties te geven van barcode applicaties. Ideaal om met je iPhone te kunnen scannen en het resultaat meteen op je laptop te krijgen. Mag best nog wat minder alleen op boeken ed gefocussed zijn. Is voor veel meer toepassingen geschikt.” — LucFrK
A really good tool
May 12, 2013
“I use this app in combination with the various Collector applications on my laptop. Apps like this make me glad I got an iPhone!
It's relatively easy to scan in the barcodes for many books. The collections I'm cataloging include a number of old books, so that means it's back to manual entry.
But newer books! Wow!
The app grabs all sorts of detail for me and populates the fields in the database in my laptop. I've learned to note when the barcode scan returns a blank. In those cases, I look for another barcode. I've found that, on a number of my paperbacks, the ISBN barcode is inside the front cover. I hate fiddling with barcodes partially, or fully, covered by bookstore price tags or other labels.
This app has taken hours off the process of cataloging and packing up the collections of books shared by me and my friends. Generally easy to use, which is good because I find the manual a bit too brief.” — OnceWritten
Great app to scan my collection with my phone
May 9, 2013
“Although I was a bit upset at the price, I have to say the original Flic scanner I purchased quite a few years ago stopped working. This app made it possible to use my iPhone with the Collectorz software to get a full accounting of my book, movie and music collection.
Excellent and easy to use!” — jdarc04
I love Barry!!
April 26, 2013
“I use Book Collector for a small private school library. I recently used Barry for the first time to enter a box of new books we got from a book fair. Oh my goodness, it was WONDERFUL - so easy and quick!! I love Barry!!” — Martha Gaal
Great for Comics
April 19, 2013
“This app is awesome if you are updating your comic book collection! Saved me a lot of time, I'd recommend this for sure!” — Feelthebang3x
Works Great
April 13, 2013
“Use this to inventory comics. Does great despite iphone 5s bad camera.” — Sammo212
Love it
April 8, 2013
“Great scanner for the phone. Easy to use and integrates with the other Collectorz products beautifully.” — InfoKate
March 27, 2013
“Great for collectorz” — BD317
February 27, 2013
“Makes entering movies so much quicker, easier, and accurate. Time saving & worth the money.” — MizzouCowboy
Book Cataloging System
February 24, 2013
“I have spent days buying and testing apps for cataloging my book collection. This one works really well for scanning ISBN numbers on my iPhone and then searching different online databases to find the title and cover.
Well done” — David Townend
super app !!
February 20, 2013
“Wollt mir schon einen neuen barcode scanner kaufen, und dann dieses app entdeckt - wirklich toll - sehr empfehlenswert !!” — fraggle2432
Werkt heel goed!
February 10, 2013
“Ik gebruik hem het meest voor me games maar me dvd films werkt hij ook perfect mee! Gewoon goede App.” — ARTPro72
Super app
February 10, 2013
“Sinds ik deze heb komt mij cue cat scanner die ik vroeger gebruikte niet meer uit de kast. Echt super handig.
Top combo met clz movie collector.” — CinéMike
CLZ rocks!
February 7, 2013
“Anything CLZ is really solid and very well supported. This scanner is excellent.
Would be nice if it could automatically open, say, Music Collector and add details via Buddy Barry. But I love it anyway! Tks team” — HDavid Lane
Barry is the bomb!
February 4, 2013
“You have an incredible product that just keeps getting better and better, and Barry is the bomb!” — Andrew Laughlin
Works great
February 2, 2013
“This actually makes CLZ Books so easy to use, and it's fun. Thanks for the innovative thinking!” — iRalphH
February 1, 2013
“Riconosce facilmente i codici a barre e li invia a documenti di testo o caselle di input (come in book collector) o per email. Con questa utilissima app ho velocizzato enormemente la procedura di archiviazione di CD e libri!
Caldamente consigliata” — Nicdain
Clz Barry
February 1, 2013
“This is a great book scanner/companion to Book Collectorz. Scan LOTS of book barcodes to send to Barry on PC.
Saved a great deal of time; even told me when book was already in my list...LOVE IT!” — KarenJoJo
Awesome piece of software
January 31, 2013
“Have to say, barry is an awesome piece of software and would recommend anyone to get it, makes adding bluerays to my collection so easy.” — Rowan Gibbs
Works great!
January 31, 2013
“Perfect companion to Book Collector!” — CharlesDickens the last
Excellent Book Scanning App
January 30, 2013
“This app works very well with my iPad scanning into the developer's Book Collector Pro desk-top program. I like it and am using it.” — ExpatProvence
Brilliant app
January 24, 2013
“This app saved me time and energy when building my movie database all bar codes seem to be recognised.” — John Hamnett
Great app
January 22, 2013
“I like it a lot.” — Andrea Bernardi
Clz Barry
January 21, 2013
“No need for a scanner or piling the books, CDs etc in the office. Clz Barry does all I need” — RonAbes
January 20, 2013
“Perfetto e comodissimo!” — simone marzocchi
Love it!
January 13, 2013
“Wonderful! My wife got a kick watching me use it in on my books in another room and seeing them added to collectorz on my pc.
Will try it at Barnes&Noble and used bookstores to add books to add to my wish list and review.
Great job...thank you!” — Rory Gallagher
January 8, 2013
“I would like to say, though, that it is absolutely brilliant.
I have lot of deliveries to scan and each box label has 7 bar codes I can scan all 7 straight into my spreadsheet with Barry. It is going to save me hours of work. Fantastic!” — Julian Gall
Excellent App
January 7, 2013
“I use it for inventory control and invoice generation with my Quickbooks Pro. During the day I am on the road and sell many items to my customers. At night when I make out their invoices, I use CLZ Barry and Buddy for CLZ Barry to send the barcodes to my QuickBooks and all I have to do is enter the quantity purchased. I carry 600+ items in inventory and the SKUs sometimes all look alike.
This takes the keyboard mistypes and the number transposing out of the equasion and I bill my customer the correct amount. Thanks guys! Great job. I can't wait till the next update and see what you have up your sleeves.” — SL&K
What a great app
January 7, 2013
“Works perfectly and is useful even if you don't use Collectors database programs. I had no problem scanning a number of different types of bar and QR codes.” — Specul8
Awesome app
January 3, 2013
“Scanned in 64 CDs in no time and had them in sorted in seconds. The few that were not recognized is not the apps fault, they weren't in CCM data base. Very happy.” — SJ Brown