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December 27, 2012
“Fungerer utmerket!” — TBStoneman
Great App
December 16, 2012
“Makes loading comics into the database so easy!” — Cruby28
Awesome app
December 15, 2012
“Awesome app and it works like a charm.” — Bigfootnz
***** Super App *****
December 9, 2012
“Wirklich eine Super App. Funktioniert perfekt, im Online-, wie auch im Patch-Modus. Es sind Scanns in jedes Textfeld eines jeden Programm möglich. Es funktioniert sogar über RDP.
Eine sehr nützliche App.” — Max_23
Bar code scanner
November 26, 2012
“Enjoying scanning cookbook titles.” — NBW39
Excellent App
November 26, 2012
“Works superbly.” — Joseph Griffiths
November 25, 2012
“This app is awesome. So far it has worked like a dream. Along with my colectorz software and other apps I now have everything I need.
I couldn't b happier.” — Movie collector
Great barcode scanner
November 23, 2012
“This is a fantastic app for scanning barcodes. It works really well with the Movie Database software.” — Dennis3040
Collecting made easier
November 10, 2012
“Makes it so much easier to import large batches of comics. For the avid collector it's a must have sidekick to Comic Collector.” — Chris Szadkowski
November 8, 2012
“This app is amazing. Check to use with Usborne Books & More!!!” — Ddbrown1
October 30, 2012
“Awesome program. I suggest to anyone using collectorz movie database to get buddy for Barry. It's worth it” — One_wildthing
Very handy, and very reliable.
October 28, 2012
“Between the catalogue software of Collectorz and the scanning of RedLaser, it's a media collector's best friend (aside from storage space).” — Chaucer85
Collectorz games movies music
October 28, 2012
“Been meaning to catalogue my collections for years finally started this is the best way to do it
Easy to use and so simple with the buddy app as well
Needs a minor tweak perhaps with box sets is all” — Jersey1957
Great App
October 19, 2012
“This app just works. No problems. Love how it talks to my Mac using the Buddy app.” — AndrewWx
October 16, 2012
“Great app! Easy to use!” — Jasbrand
Too sweet.
October 3, 2012
“Easy to use, easy to customize, very nicely put together.” — B'jib
Great app
October 1, 2012
“I've been using with comic collectorz software. Works well. I only had a few comics out of several hundred that had trouble scanning.” — Jlightwa
October 1, 2012
“This app really is the BEST THING SINCE SLICED BREAD!!!

We have a MASSIVE MUSIC LIBRARY and this will actually make it humanly possible to inventory the library w/o driving ourselves
TOTALLY INSANE!!!” — kmaoboe

Ottima App
September 29, 2012
“Fa quello che deve, bene e in fretta. Ottima” — Er Tatti
September 22, 2012
“Einfache handhabung” — J.Bormann
September 18, 2012
“This is a fantastic easy to use app. No matter your level of computer skill anyone can use and enjoy this tool.” — The iPod Touch17
Good buddy to have!
August 30, 2012
“Great little ap. i use it with the Book Collector cataloguing system from Efficient & easy to use. Great value for money - easy peasey what more can I say.
Works brilliantly with the Book Collector which is also an excellent piece of software for cataloguing all your books, media, software etc. Both highly recommended.” — Kmist51
As expected from Collectorz.. Perfect!
August 26, 2012
“Same as the software, brilliant in simplicity.. already started to type in part of my 800+ dvd collection because a real barcode scanner was pretty expensive..
this work the same but for 1/20th of the price.. thanks for thinking with us collectorz!” — sjoerd1974
August 26, 2012
“Macht was es soll. Nie mehr von Hand tippen. Top!!!!!!!!” — Cainethaman
Solid product
August 24, 2012
“I have used Barry for a couple of months, primarily to input information into Movie Collector. I have found it to be a very effective tool for this and a couple of other tasks.” — Mark Bivens
Great App.
August 16, 2012
“Works fine.” — McMarbi
Great scanning app
August 12, 2012
“Works great for scanning all my comics and movies.” — Scottie2780
This app is amazing.
July 25, 2012
“Paired with the desktop app this app is amazing. It allowed me to catalog 6 years of books in a matter of hours.” — Mike Rastiello
It works!
July 17, 2012
“Excellent app, best batch scanning app” — Michael SOSCHIN
I'm impressed
July 15, 2012
“I have been using Book Collector for some years and was manually entering barcodes. CLZ Barry is a great purchase and I have been scanning barcodes and syncing my little bookworm heart out!
It makes the process of entering books into your collection a breeze and the batch scanning is awesome. Thumbs up!” — Trace77@willow
July 7, 2012
“la app es extraordinaria, funciona a las mil maravillas, muy útil y rápida leyendo códigos.” — rambrug
Very easy and quick!
July 1, 2012
“Aim, scan, send, done. Super!” — Peter De Prins
June 29, 2012
“A little confusion in beginning but working great” — Agata Kaluzna
June 24, 2012
“I love this app! I have only one problem: I can't scan multiple comics in properly. Other than that, it's almost fun going back thru my collection and scanning them into the database. Several times I've stopped to re-read comics I haven't seen in years!” — Gand70
June 20, 2012
“What a great app!
Really well worth the time and money to download this helpful app. Saves time and once you have used it once it's then easy to use.

I had a small problem with Barry not connecting to the pc but once I rebooted my IPhone and went back into the App all was fixed :o) Fantastic!” — Aussat

Love IT!
June 19, 2012
“Great for replacing barcode scanner, fast and easy once you get a hang of it. Better if used with the pro version of Collectorz.” — Trev-21
Terrific App
June 17, 2012
“After I figured out how to use this app, I wish I'd had it all along. Due to a virus I lost the list of over 500 DVDs. Using this app gets then back in my Movie Collector program in a fraction of the time.
Bravo developers...BRAVO!!” — Steve
Buddy for CLZ Barry
June 10, 2012
“Ich bin sehr zufrieden mit dem Programm. Die Erfassung meiner Bücher ist kinderleicht und die Übertragung zu Book Collektor 8.1 funktioniert hervorragend.” — einsteinmw
June 9, 2012
“Funziona perfettamente basta solo una breve pratica. Complimenti” — Mauro Todisco
May 17, 2012
“AWESOME scanner for my movie collection :)!” — Skammelsen
Worth the money!!!
May 17, 2012
“Despite what other reviews complain about I have no issues with this app at all.
Scans many comics in seconds and quickly transfers info to the database. What used to take 5-10 minutes to add just a couple comics now takes 5-10 seconds.
I will say it took a few minutes to figure out how the app and the database work together but take the time to read the instructions and the problems disappear.” — jason elger
Excellent app
May 13, 2012
“Love this! Works great and is always with me” — Bwil355
May 13, 2012
“Have just downloaded this app and found it to be fantastic. Does everything it says it would. Highly recommend.” — Acky poo
Where Has this Been All My Life
May 13, 2012
“I am a pretty big retro game collector and up until recently the way i have been keeping track of my collection is pen and paper until i discovered GAME COLLECTOR and CLZ BARRY.
They make keeping track of your collection easy and if you have a lot of games on lots of consoles it makes finding them easy you can set it up to directly add games to your library quick and easy. Well worth the money you wont be dissapointed works well on XPERIA PLAY.” — Unknown
Great APP
May 12, 2012
“I like this app. It is great using the IPhone.” — All4the3
Very useful especially on the iPad
May 12, 2012
“I find the Barry barcode scanner for the iPad extremely useful and would have a hard time replacing it with any other method for getting my comics into the comic database.
There are some up and coming features for the comic collectors software for which the Barry for the iPad is going to be especially useful I am looking forward to that.” — SirShaun
CLZ Buddy for Barry
May 11, 2012
“Awesome app for scanning! Love it!” — Kelly Haithcock
CLZ And Buddy
April 23, 2012
“I have been using the Movies Collectorz software for years. It's a very good program that I've yet to see beaten in comparison to other movie databases. The amount of information just from a barcode is amazing!

I have no connection with CLZ other than as a customer. I have found the folks at CLZ to be very open to requests and suggestions for enhancements and quick to implement them. I can honestly state that each of my requests and suggestions have been implemented.” — Mcaustinsr

Collectorz apps are always great
April 15, 2012
“This scanner works perfectly. Although not all barcodes are recognised but not necessarily the fault of the app.
Just had to start again with all my books and out of 2000 it found about 85%. So much easier than bringing all the books to the pc and typing them all in.
Great app for their great cataloguing programs.” — Djmike247
Wonderful time saver
April 5, 2012
“Already had a true scanner but had to push the enter button for each code. And had to use a laptop to scan then copy the db to my iMac. Using buddy on my iphone not only eliminates these inconveniences but also tells me which codes are already defined and so i can make a note of those titles for which the codes are not valid.” — Mark Boxall
Me encanta
April 4, 2012
“Una herramienta muy eficaz para ayudarme con mi catalogador.” — Azarahia
March 29, 2012
“Wonderful app. Can scan & send to PC app when I'm ready.
Saves me the trouble of finding my USB scanner.” — Chaune
March 26, 2012
“Allows me to batch scan in my collection without the need for a scanner or any wires. Simple and works well.” — MontanaXVI
Great App!
March 25, 2012
“Works like a charm.” — Kdimango
March 17, 2012
“Simply Amazing.” — Colin Anderson
Good scanner
March 17, 2012
“I used the scanner for both the Book Collector and the Music Collector, and it works fine.” — Jann Jensen
Great app
March 7, 2012
“Does exactly what you want it to - scan your disc and add it easily to your database.” — Nicely Caketin
March 3, 2012
“A must have if you use the Collectorz software.” — Hoverbeam
March 2, 2012
“This is exactly what I was looking for to help me create and test web applications that use barcode scanners. Thanks :)” — Daniel Flores
Great App!
February 20, 2012
“Works just as advertised.” — ANDREW ROCHE
Scanning books
February 14, 2012
“Great App. Just scanned in 27 books in one go.” — DANIEL SCHLITTNER
Great app
February 12, 2012
“I already have the scanner for Book and Music collector but this is miles better as you can see any books etc it has not been able to pick up instantly instead of having to wait until you attach the scanner - love it” — Nick Wakeham
Great app!
February 12, 2012
“This is a great way to add comics to their desktop database. I've been able to add hundreds of comics using my phone as a barcode scanner.” — Alex Rountree
CLZ Barry
February 4, 2012
“Quick, affordable and accurate. What more can you ask for.” — Gribbid
Excellent App!!
January 17, 2012
“Easy to use must have app to compliment iCollectorz.” —
January 17, 2012
“Works better than I expected.” — Frank Sanders
Nice app
January 12, 2012
“Love the way it works.” — MnKJ
A beautiful program
January 12, 2012
“This is an awesome app/ program it's worth the money if you are a true collector of comics. AWESOME F$&@ING AWESOME.
Thank you. Also it works perfect with the iPad 2.” — alesis97
Excellent on a Samsung Galaxy Note!
January 6, 2012
“If you love your books you have to love this app. Amazingly fast.
Scan the bar code and find your books with all details and book cover right in your PC or lap top. Great with Mac as well.” — bionksie
Superb app
January 6, 2012
“Astonishly good. Use the technology on your phone to save buying an expensive wireless scanner.
I use it to add books to my Book Collector software and love it.” — Andrew
Great App
January 5, 2012
“This is great! So easy to use and adds everything you need in one click!
Love it!” — Shewiz
January 5, 2012
“The combination of Movie Collectorz desktop and mobile, along with Buddy For Barry gives you your walking database and the automation to go from just purchased to the library in minutes.
Everyone that I have shown this combination to is awestruck.” — Wingz13
January 4, 2012
“Ideaal in combinatie met Movie Collector op je pc en CLZ movies op je android.
Heb nu altijd mn bluraylijst bij en kan geen dubbele meer kopen. In de winkel ff of scannen of clz movie app open en heb alles wat ik nodig heb.” — Arjen
Works great!
January 3, 2012
“I've used this app to enter movies, comic books, and video games into their respective databases and it works perfectly for all of them.” — Dave
January 2, 2012
“Best thing ever. I had to enter maually before. Now this does it for me. And when adding buddy to it adds it to the pro version of the desktop version. ” — Jeff
A fabulous program
January 1, 2012
“May I say what a wonderful piece of software this is.
I've invested in the Pro Version, CLZ Barry and the iPhone and iPad apps and Im really happy. This is truly a fabulous program.
Well done to the team.” — Bill Max