The barcode scanner app
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Scan barcodes with your device camera and instantly send them to your software

  • Scan barcodes with your phone or tablet camera
  • Instantly send the scanned barcodes to the Add screen of the software on your desktop computer
  • The programs for Windows/Mac come with built-in support for CLZ Barry. For Connect, use the Buddy helper program.
  • Supported barcode types:

Direct Mode: Transmit barcodes instantly "as you scan"

  • Connect Barry to the Add screen of your "Collector" program
  • Go to Barry's scan screen and scan a barcode
  • Scanned barcodes are instantly sent to the Add screen
  • Now just search and add to your database

Batch Mode: Alternatively, store scanned barcodes and send them later, in batch

  • Scan multiple barcodes using CLZ Barry's scan screen
  • Scanned barcodes are stored in Barry's barcode list
  • When done scanning, connect to the the Add screen
  • Now send all barcodes to the search queue in one go

Here's what customers have said about CLZ Barry

The best
December 5, 2017
“One of the best apps I have ever used.” — Donna Doss
Easy to use
September 20, 2017
“Helped greatly in entering my collection.” — Swarmaster
Works well with the Book Collector software
September 16, 2017
“Very pleased with the seamless synchronization between this app and the Book Collector software. Makes the cataloging and the registration of your books fun!” — vibekeog
Book Collector
August 24, 2017
“Great app for collectors.” — Distillerian
August 14, 2017
“It works! Nuff said.” — Soundrick
Super fast way of entering details
July 23, 2017
“Excellent companion to the collectorz apps.” — The Real Planty
Great App
July 23, 2017
“Easy to use. Makes adding books to Book Collector a cinch.” — Dave Hepworth
Great Companion to Book Collector
July 16, 2017
“If you have LOTS of books and love the idea of cataloging them and keeping track of those you loan so they come back, this app makes it easy to do. Great app!” — Holsmy-oak-VanBuren
I love this app
July 14, 2017
“I am finally getting my music movies and books cataloged.” — Betty Dagle
Great little app
July 9, 2017
“Don't know how I managed without this all. It is simple to use and adds the films fast as long as the exist in the Core database. A few DVDs that I thought would be in there aren't. But other than that great.” — Scot Elliott

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