The barcode scanner app
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Scan barcodes with your device camera and instantly send them to your software

  • Scan barcodes with your phone or tablet camera
  • Instantly send the scanned barcodes to the Add screen of the software on your desktop computer
  • The programs for Windows/Mac come with built-in support for CLZ Barry. For Connect, use the Buddy helper program.
  • Supported barcode types:

Direct Mode: Transmit barcodes instantly "as you scan"

  • Connect Barry to the Add screen of your "Collector" program
  • Go to Barry's scan screen and scan a barcode
  • Scanned barcodes are instantly sent to the Add screen
  • Now just search and add to your database

Batch Mode: Alternatively, store scanned barcodes and send them later, in batch

  • Scan multiple barcodes using CLZ Barry's scan screen
  • Scanned barcodes are stored in Barry's barcode list
  • When done scanning, connect to the the Add screen
  • Now send all barcodes to the search queue in one go

Here's what customers have said about CLZ Barry

Great app on IPAD
June 13, 2017
“ IPAD version rocks!” — Orem member
Fast, fun and excellent
June 10, 2017
“This is one of the best products to help input comics ever! Thank you.” — Mediamiester
June 5, 2017
“Great product and It works perfectly.” — Schtroumpf à lunette
Funziona benissimo e ora è anche gratis
May 29, 2017
“L'applicazione in questione funziona benissimo e se associata alle altre applicazioni dello sviluppatore è veramente eccellente. Se scansiono un barcode di un CD con questa applicazione, immediatamente il mio Mac vedrà la scansione tra gli elementi presenti nella mia collezione. Basta semplicemente inserire un codice di riconoscimento tra Mac e applicazione Mobile la prima volta e tutto filerà liscio come l'olio. Bravissimi.” — Alessandro Di Nardo
Nice, easy to use
May 28, 2017
“Took a little while to work out how to add movies, but once it gets going it's very quick and simple to use.” — TheDR2008
May 26, 2017
“Highly recommend the Collectorz software and this scanning app!” — Stealingtools
May 26, 2017
“Very good app.” — Mekh gurung
iPad user
May 26, 2017
“Easy to use, and saves loads of time. Excellent app.” — Stelvio16
I like Barry!
May 25, 2017
“Great app that saves me tons of time.” — Arthack
May 25, 2017
“The whole Collectorz software line is simply amazing and the new Barry ap which allows the user to scan his collection takes it from being a HomeRun to a GrandSlam... I cannot say enough nor suggest it enough to people i know and meet. Super easy to use and super fun to have... Thank you to the people who keep these amazing programs running and constantly making them more amazing !!!” — Shawn Griffin

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